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myVALLEYFORGE Introductory Video: View a useful short video tutorial that walks you through myVALLEYFORGE, the new eLearning system to access your current courses, find jobs, and register for future classes. Click here to watch

Advisors have been reassigned. To find your advisor, go to the "Registration" tab, then to the Degree Information link. Faculty advisor information will be found under "Academic Information".

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If you are experiencing issues with myVALLEYFORGE, please contact the Help Desk for support using one of the following methods:
Please be ready to provide your contact information along with any specific details of the issue or errors you are experiencing.  The more details you provide the more quickly we can assess the situation and provide you with the correct support.
1  Use the same username and password to log into the support system as you currently use for myVALLEYFORGE.
2  You must send the email from your University of Valley Forge supplied email address (
 Our support staff is available Monday through Thursday 7:30 AM-11:00 PM, Friday 7:30 AM-5:00 PM, Saturday 1:00PM-5:00 PM, and Sunday 6:00 PM- 11:00 PM.
 If we are unable to answer your call due to high call volume or off hours, please leave a voicemail.  All voicemails will generate an automatic support ticket.
Welcome to the 2014-2015 school year! We are anticipating a great year. One exciting change from last year is the way in which you access your classes. myVALLEYFORGE is the new Learning Management System that will provide all class information to you from this point forward. 
To access your spring 2015 courses you will need to log into myVALLEYFORGE above. Your courses will be accessible under the section titled, "My Courses" on the left-hand column of the page, under the Quick Links section. Please watch the instructional video above for more information. 
Important Note: How you access the Premium Content Databases has changed. The Premium Content Databases are now located on the “SRC Resources” tab in myVALLEYFORGE. When you select a database to use and click it, you will be prompted for a username and password. There you will need to enter your Valley Forge username and password, the same username and password that you access myVALLEYFORGE with, and then you will have access to the database you have selected.